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Welcome to the Classic City Golf Association (CCGA) Official site. The Classic City Golf Association is a group of Athens area golfers that has been in existence as an organization since 1984.

Message from CCGA President

President, Charles Owen

 Classic City Golfers Association has reached a milestone in 2014.  We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary and we are proud to have served our community, while enjoying  playing the game of golf.  We have so many people to thank who have helped us to get to this point.  Special "Thanks" go out to our founders Robert Gunter, Thomas Elder, Joe Beck, Willie Gatlin and Vernon Howard who have worked hard and diligently to make CCGA unique, exciting, and most rewarding association.  

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CCGA members are more than avid golfers.  They are also heavily involved in community service. Their community service focus is dedicated to helping selected non-profit organizations that provide various support services to Athens youths and needy citizens. The goal is to assist these important organizations by making monetary contributions to their programs.  In order to raise funds to achieve this goal, the CCGA sponsors an annual amateur golf tournament in Athens. The 32th Annual Golf tournament will be held at The University of Georgia Golf Course, Athens, Georgia on June 4-5, 201

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CCGA had a great year in 2013.  Our membership has grown from 30 to 45 members.  CCGA also inducted our first female member, Kelly Smith and we are reaching out to more women to be a part of our organization.  In our community, we are engaged in a highly diverse society and CCGA is taking on this challenge by encouraging all golfers to join us to build a better community.  CCGA is a member of the Interstate Golf Association (IGA). This organization had formerly been known as the Big Four and consisted of the following groups: Skyview Golf Association of Asheville, NC; The Parbusters Golf Club of Charlotte, NC; Master City Golf Club of Augusta, GA; and The Linksmans Golf Club of Spartanburg, SC. The IGA current president is Charles Owens.  The IGA currently has 11 member organizations, Electric City Golf Club,  Anderson SC; MGTO-Minority Golf and Tennis Organization, Anderson SC; The Players Golf Association, Charlotte Metro, NC; Tri County Golf Club, Chester, SC; Savannah Senior Strikers Golf Club, Savannah, GA; Upstate Elite Golf Association, Greenville, SC and Tour Upstate, Simpsonville, SC.  

 The IGA members will host over 25 tournaments throughout the year, which most are open to the public. 

IGA Tournament Schedule (click here)  

In 2013, CCGA has created a Facebook and CCGA Blog sites to reach a broader audience and for our followers to keep up with, what is going on with CCGA.  Please visit our Website  and like us on Facebook. 

(Pictured L-R, Frank Smith, Carl McCoy, Ronco Johnson, Paul Wise and Dexter Fisher)

Classic City golfers placed second place in The Ronco Johnson Foundation For Financial Literacy ”Lights Out” Golf Tournament held at Chateau E’lan Golf course, near Atlanta. This was most golfers first time playing night golf and they were in for a surprise. They really enjoyed the experience and had a wonderful time.  CCGA  sent two teams of golfers and we are looking forward to next years event. If you are interested in playing in night golf, you can email us at info@classiccitygolfassociation.com

Charles Owens and Ronco Johnson poses with the winning trophy

(Pictured left to right: Ronco Johnson, Carl McCoy, Kelly Smith and Conolus Scott)

 Classic City Golfers Association is sponsoring eight Golfers in The Ronco Johnson Foundation for Financial Literacy, “Lights Out Golf Scramble” tournament. The tournament will be held on September 18, 2013 from 4:30 pm until 10:30 pm at Chateau Elan Golf Course. Carl McCoy, Paul Wise Jr., Frank Smith and Dexter Fisher, Charles Owens, Ronnie Edward, Larry Craig and Michelle Edwards will be representing golfers from CCGA

The Ronco Johnson Foundation “Lights Out” Golf Tournament.

Pictured from left to right are Ronnie and Michelle Edwards, Ronco Johnson, Larry Craig. The team posted a par 20 on a Par 24 course. The tournament also featured a dinner and raffle with great prizes. 

Congratulations to Classic City Golfers

Melvin Robinson, Carl McCoy, Michelle and Ronnie Edwards and Dexter Fisher for their first place finish at the SIGMA PI PHI Fraternity Golf Tournament held at Lane Creek Golf Course on October 5, 2013. 

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